ComplianceAid Catalyst

ComplianceAid Catalyst is an automated compliance application that combines various compliance functions into a streamlined automated process to help compliance officers effectively manage their AML-CFT programs while simultaneously identifying and managing risk.

At a high level, ComplianceAid Catalyst’s AML-CFT functionality allows institutions to effectively create and manage a risk-based program by combining elements of the applications KYC, Risk, Documentation, Audit, Investigation and Transaction Monitoring modules.

ComplianceAid Catalyst provides institutions with a complete suite of tools designed to automate transaction monitoring and enhance compliance programs.

ComplianceAid Catalyst provides the following:

  • Risk Rating tool that allows institutions to risk rate their clients and maintain ‘Key Institutions Risk’ indicators.
  • Transaction Monitoring of data for AML, Suitability and Risk.
  • Supervisory Controls with Audit Logs to document compliance tasks and events.
  • Trade Blotter management at the OSJ and Branch levels.
  • Reporting tools for reviewing purposes.
  • Document Repository to maintain procedures and compliance forms.

ComplianceAid Catalyst is designed to fit institutions unique business and risk, with customizable risk rating and rules resulting in an effective compliance solution. All of the modules in Catalyst are integrated seamlessly providing institutions with the ability to utilize data in all aspects of the application eliminating the ‘silo’ effect of multiple systems.

Transaction Monitoring and Alerts

ComplianceAid Catalyst’s rules engine has preset rules for AML-CFT that triggers alerts. These alerts are sent by email to the designated person and are visible on Catalyst’s dashboard and also on the AML-CFT module. ComplianceAid Catalyst has a workflow to review alerts by creating Notes of the review and closing the review. Compliance officers are also able to assign a task to another person within the organization on the alert if further investigation is required. The rules are customizable by the institution and compliance officers can create their own rules using the ‘rule writer’ function that will trigger based on the institution’s own parameters. ComplianceAidCatalyst’s AML-CFT rules includes parameter based on Incoming and Outgoing Wires, deposits, payments and Checks and Debit Card Transactions with the ability to add more user-based rules.

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