AML/BSA Risk Assessment

ComplianceAid assists Financial Institutions (FI) and Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (DNFBPs) with design, develop (draft), implementation of a Risk-based Risk Assessment Program.

ComplianceAid risk-based approach (RBA) methodology ensure measures to prevent or mitigate money laundering, terrorist financing and illicit financial activities are commensurate with the risks identified within the business operation.

A Customer Risk Rating Matrix ensures that customers posing elevated levels of AML/BSA/OFAC/CFT risk are properly identified and monitored. ComplianceAid will assist regulated entities with formulating criteria for risk evaluation in areas including PEPs & Sanctions, Customer Types, Locations, Products and Services as well as Other Factors. The framework developed addresses how to weight and score customers in order to classify each one of them as high, medium (moderate) or low risk.

AML/BSA/OFAC/CFT Risk Assessment

  • Design, develop (draft), implement/ enhance of the Overall Business AML/BSA/OFAC/CFT Business Risk Assessment Program to include:
    • Analysis of Risk Profile
    • Risk Rating Matrix
    • And more…..
  • Design, develop (draft), implement/ enhance/ of the AML/BSA/OFAC/CFT Customer Risk Rating Assessment Program and Matrix.

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