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AML/BSA Independent Audit

ComplianceAid AML Audit assist Businesses with improving their AML/BSA compliance programs and identifying deficiencies.

AML/BSA Policies & Procedures

ComplianceAid designs and reviews BSA & Anti-Money Laundering Policies and Procedures. It also offers a template package

Risk Assessment

The AML/BSA/OFAC/CFT Risk Assessment Program analyzes the potential for money laundering or terrorism financing activities

AML/CTF Training

ComplianceAid provides annual Anti-Money Laundering Training for Board of Directors, Owners, Management and Staff.

Compliance Officer Professional Coaching

ComplianceAid offers coaching and mentoring services for Compliance Officers. We work one-on-one with FI/DNFBP..

KYC Remediation/Look Back

ComplianceAid assist Financial Institutions and Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions with meeting their..


ComplianceAid offers guidance and resources to assist Financial Institutions with meeting their obligation under the Foreign..

De - Risking

ComplianceAid assist Financial Institutions with identifying and obtaining Correspondent Banking Relationships (CBRs).

Regulatory Exam Preparation

ComplianceAid assist Regulated Entities with preparing for their independent and external AML/BSA/OFAC/CFT Audit.

Additional Services

  • ComplianceAid Innova

    ComplianceAid Innova is a recognized leading corporate education provider specializing in eLearning (online on demand) AML/BSA/OFAC/CFT/FCP training. Our courses can be tailored for a specific Financial Institutions or Designated Non-Financial Businesses and..
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  • ComplianceAid Catalyst

    ComplianceAid Catalyst is a cost-effective solution that was designed to provide compliance automation that will help increase efficiency, reduce risk and maintain a strong risk management culture throughout the organization. ComplianceAid Catalyst provides..
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  • AMLFC Institute

    The Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crimes (AMLFC) Institute offers the opportunity to earn certifications in the field of Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), Financial Crimes Prevention (FCP) & Cybersecurity.
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  • theList.pro

    theList.pro is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Domus Semo Sancus (DSS). DSS is the developer of SafetyNet.ai, an award-winning enhanced due diligence (EDD) cognitive search and crime prevention tool used by several Fortune 500 companies.
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Why ComplianceAid ?

Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing transactions can damage a business or an institution assets and reputation, thus, it is of high importance to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Fifty-two (52) industries are required to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulations.

Clients’ Testimonials

  • The feedback garnered from stakeholders that attended this training session indicated that it was well delivered, and that they gained much understanding of the criteria and process involved in adequately preparing their business for the change in legislation.

    Antigua And Barbuda Coalition Of Service Industries, Julianne Jarvis
  • The training delivered in the BVI by ComplianceAid was delivered at a high standard – it was excellent information, very timely and effective. While the information was alot to take in within the training time, the trainers were very patient in explaining the concepts.

    Premier’s Office British Virgin Islands, Sylvia C. Moses, International Affairs Secretariat
  • ComplianceAid Is An Outstanding Firm As always, Ms. Martin and the staff of ComplianceAid continues to perform a top notch job

    Charlie Walshin


April 20th-22nd, 2022

The Seventh ComplianceAid Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crimes Conference

The ComplianceAid Conference, hosted April 21st-22nd, 2022 provides world class educational and networking experiences. Conference sessions are designed and specially tailored for participants to leverage global perspectives for informed decision making and success in AML/CFT Governance. This is the only conference providing officers and executives with cutting edge solutions to address the issues faced by the regulated entities, regulators, and government agencies of the Americas.

The Fifth Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crimes Institute (AMLFC Institute) Conference

The Fifth AMLFC Institute Conference and the Seventh ComplianceAid Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crimes Conference are schedule to take place on April 20th-22nd, 2022. On the first day, starting April 20th, the AMLFC Institute Conference will host experts providing practical knowledge for executing or administering AML/CFT procedures.


  • Up to 18 CPEs are awarded
  • Certificate of attendance is provided
  • Comply with mandatory AML/BSA/OFAC/CFT annual training requirements
  • Meet key business leaders facing similar challenges


Save the date and include it in your budget planning! We offer discounts via several professional or trade associations as well as chamber of commerce.   

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