AML Services


ComplianceAid services include:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF)

  • Program Development, Implementation or Enhancement
  • Look Back Projects
  • Program Assessment ( “Risk Gap Assessment”)
  • Transaction Monitoring Analysis
  • Evaluation of internal controls to include monitoring and case management systems
  • High Risk Customers Screening and Assessment of Internal Control Process (e.g. Politically Exposed Persons – “PEPs”)
  • Review of reporting requirements to include Suspicious Activity/Transaction Reporting, Currency Transaction Report, and Record Retention Policies.
  • Independent Testing
  • Specialized Training
  • Policies and Procedures Drafting or Enhancement
  • Correspondent Relationship Advising
  • AML/CTF Independent Audit
  • International Sanctions List Assessment of Adequate Implementation
  • On-site visits to agents of Money Value Transfer services to assess their controls and understanding of AML regulation and Internal Policies and Procedures
  • Customer Enhanced Due Diligence (CDD/ EDD/ KYC)
    • Review of Customer Identification Requirements (CIP)
    • Process Assessment and Optimization
    • Policies and Procedures Drafting or Enhancement
    • Project Management
    • Rating and Risk Factor analysis
    • Specialized Training on “Business Best Practice”
  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Mitigation
    • Regulatory Compliance Program Design and Review
    • Regulatory Remediation
    • Risk Assessment Review and Analysis of Products/Services/Customer Base/Geographic Location
    • Preparation and Review assistance for Regulatory Examinations
    • Product Review for Compliance and Legal Requirements
    • Assistance with Building Graphs, Spreadsheet, Database, Power Point Presentation for Management and Board